syllabus 4

A syllabus is a kind of instructive tool that sets a standard of what is expected to happen during the complete course session. It prescribes the topics and concepts on the basis of which students will be tested in the final examination. A syllabus actually serves as the contract between the students and the teachers…

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syllabus 3

What are the benefits of a course syllabus? It establishes contact and connection between students and instructors by stating the objectives and goals to be achieved at the end of the course. It sets the tone for the course by streamlining the content of the course. It ultimately includes information that will facilitate the academic…

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Syllabus 2

How does a course syllabus help students learn effectively? The syllabus for a particular course describes the topics and concepts to be covered while preparing for the examinations for that particular course. A syllabus also mentions the weightage allotted to different units and chapters knowing which you may form a strategy on how to prepare…

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Syllabus 1

How student can prepare for the syllabus? At the beginning of the course session, carefully read the entire syllabus to get an idea of the course structure. Before starting a chapter or unit make a list of the topics prescribed in the syllabus for that unit so that you don’t waste time learning irrelevant or…

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