We all know it’s true. The academic program pages are (or should be) the Super Stars of any community college website. They are your primary vehicle for attracting and converting prospective students into your various programs. These pages are so vital to the enrollment pipeline, that knowing what content to put on them and how to optimize the pages for conversions is absolutely critical. We reached out to community college communication professionals all over the country to ask a few simple questions.

What is the purpose of your program pages? What content is a must-have on your program pages? Is there content you do not have that you wish you did?

We received 17 responses from 13 different schools in 9 different states. This entire blog post is based on this valuable feedback. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


The Admissions team correspond with potential and actual applicants for admission; liaise
with the relevant University offices; oversee the content, design, production and distribution
of promotional materials, including the Admissions and Student Life sections of the College
website; maintain links with schools; manage the operation of all Open Events; and organise
and conduct College tours and meetings with Directors of Studies for potential applicants.
The Admissions Tutor reports to the Senior Tutor and is responsible for overseeing all
aspects of undergraduate admissions; she is responsible for the number of undergraduates
admitted each year and is the College’ representative on the University Admissions Forum.
The Admissions Co-ordinator runs the Admissions Office; she is responsible for dealing
with general enquiries, all computer-related aspects of the admissions process, and for the
administration of interviews, school visits and Open Events.
The Schools Liaison Officer maintains and develops contacts with schools in our target
areas, undertakes visits to schools and organises visits to Newnham by school groups. She
organises the Subject Taster Days and the Woolf Essay Prizes, and also participates in many
of the other admissions activities of the College.